Review: Madden ’09

I have been playing this game a lot and I’d thought I’d right a review about it. Madden 09 is a great game that any football/sport fan would want. It has very lifelike graphics that make you feel like your actually playing. I love the use of the madden test so you can see what level you should compete at. Its rated E for everybody so i think a football fan of every age would love it. The Xbox live portion of it is One that I think needs work.

First off,  it’s Rated E for everybody but you cant play it on xbox live until you are 13 which i think is ridiculous. Then when you turn 13 and play it its not at all what you think it would be like. The gameplay is delayed a lot on xbox live so it makes it really not that fun to play. So I would have to give the xbox live portion of it a thumbs down. Overall Madden is a good game that any sports gamer would like.